Question:  What are you always trying to think of?

Answer:  Fun activities to do with your family and friends!


Question: When do you most often have these thoughts?

Answer:  Around the holidays (when you have extra free time to spend with your family and friends) and on special occasions!


Question: What do you already do?

Answer:  Color eggs at Easter. Carve pumpkins at Halloween. Bake and decorate cookies at Christmas


Question: Why isn’t there a fun activity that family and friends can do every holiday and on every special occasion?

Answer:  Now there is – Colorate.Life! kits. And unlike seasonal kits, Colorate.Life! kits can be used for year round fun!


 kits deliver – in one unique and proprietary package (a seven inch tall, three inch diameter tube) – all that you need to simply and easily turn plain white frosting into multi-colored ribbon designs for decorating cupcakes, cakes … all of your baked goods, with colors that celebrate exciting events in your life!


Launch of
Colorate.Life Kits

Colorate.Life™ Kits include what you need to simply and easily turn plain white frosting into unique, multi-colored ribbon designs for decorating cupcakes, cakes … all of your baked goods, with colors that celebrate exciting events in your life! The number of color combinations which you can create with Colorate.Life™ Kits is limited only by your imagination.

Colorate.Life™ Kits make exciting, family-fun activities possible. And, unlike seasonal favorites like Easter egg dying kits and Halloween carving kits, Colorate.Life™ Kits will be used year-round!


Because Colorate.Life™ Kits can be used to decorate with colors that celebrate exciting events in your life that happen throughout the year:

      • Holidays (Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, July 4th, Veterans Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s)
      • Special Occasions (gender reveals, birthdays, quinceañeras, graduations, weddings, anniversaries)
      • Cheers for Sports Competitions and Spirit Days (display the colors of your favorite team or group)

Make sure you always have a Colorate.Life™ Kit on hand, so you never miss an opportunity…

Each Kit


Each Colorate.Life™ Kit includes everything you need to turn white frosting into unique ribbon designs that can decorate cupcakes, cakes, pastries – all of your baked goods – with colors that celebrate exciting events in your life!
  • BonNosh’s patent protected OodleTip® pastry bags
  • A filling stand
  • Tubes of coloring gel
  • Coloring gel spreaders
  • Pastry bag closure clips

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Holiday Kit Specifications

Each of the different Colorate.Life Holiday Kits has components which are selected to match the kit’s particular application. … Check out the color gels which you will receive with each Colorate.Life Holiday Kit:

Valentine’s Day – Red / Pink
St.Patrick’s Day – Kelly / Lime Green
Easter – Pink / Purple / Yellow / Green
Patriotism – Red / Blue
Halloween – Orange / Black
Thanksgiving – Orange / Yellow / Red / Green
Hanukkah – Yellow / Blue
Christmas – Red / Green
Kwanzaa – Black / Red / Green
New Year’s – Gold / Silver

Most Popular
Colorate.Life Products

limitless imagination

$24.99 – Gel Food Colors – Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Orange & Neon Green

Children - gender reveal

$14.99 – Gel Food Colors – Blue & Pink (Fill with either color depending on gender)

Holidays 2022

$16.99 – Gel Food Colors – Red, Green, Blue & Yellow to Celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas & Kwanzaa (combine red & blue to make black)


Chuck’s intellectual property law firm, Grimes LLC, has been representing world-renowned artists, inventors, celebrities, and consumer product companies for over 40 years.

Several years ago, Brenda (the creative genius behind this endeavor) came to Chuck with an idea for a one-piece disposable pastry bag with an attached plastic tip that can be cut to dispense frosting in a French Star shaped design of any desired size.

After Chuck helped Brenda refine her concept and secure international patent protection, Brenda founded BonNosh, LLC to commercialize what she branded as OodleTip® pastry bags. BonNosh’s OodleTip® pastry bags have subsequently been sold worldwide through a variety of vendors.
Today, OodleTip® pastry bags are sold in various retailers throughout the U.S. by BonNosh’s licensee, Bradshaw International, Inc., as part of their “Sweet Creations by Good Cook” line.


Using a Colorate.Life™ Kit Is Simple and Easy

Step #1 –
Prepare the OodleTip® Pastry Bag

Step #2–
Apply Coloring Gel on the inside Wall of the OodleTip® Pastry Bag

Step #3–
Load Frosting into the OodleTip® Pastry Bag

Step #4 –
Twist the OodleTip® Pastry Bag Closed & Apply a Closure Clip. Refrigerate for 15 Minutes

Step #5 –Squeeze the OodleTip® Pastry Bag to create the ribbon design frosting – an output that is only possible with the unique nozzle of the OodleTip® Pastry Bag!

The number and variety of ribbon designs which you can achieve with Colorate.Life™ kits are endless!!!!
The key is in how you use the color gels.

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