BonNosh Special Offer for Hosts of Cupcake Decorating Parties

We will supply you with free samples of our Limitless Imagination Colorate.Life® DIY kits for you to use when you host cupcake decorating parties. In fact, because we are so confident that our Limitless Imagination Colorate.Life kits will be very well received by your guests, we will supply you with the quantity you need of our Limitless Imagination Colorate.Life kits so that you can give them for free to your guests at the first party you host. You only need to supply the cupcakes and white frosting.

The Limitless Imagination Colorate.Life kit is our “premium” kit which includes eight tubes of food coloring gel, eight of our proprietary OodleTip® bags, together with other components that can be used to make multiple colored frosting for decorating cupcakes for the holidays and other occasions throughout the year! These are “top perspective” photos of cupcakes showing just a few of the multi-colored ribbon design frosting outputs that you can easily make with the kit:

This photo shows cupcakes decorated with the contents of the kit for all of the major holidays:

We are making you this special offer because we are particularly interested in receiving feedback from you (and your guests) regarding your “user experience” with our Limitless Imagination Colorate.Life kits (and, of course, photographs of your “creations” would be greatly appreciated!)

If you are interested, please contact us at info@Colorate.Life