kit components

kit components

each kit includes:


OodleTip® Bags – BonNosh’s patent protected one-piece, 12” disposable pastry bags with attached nozzles as shown. The nozzle can be snipped with a scissor to achieve a desired French Star ribbon design frosting output (preferably at the ½” size half way up the nozzle for best results). The output can have two or many more colors using the Colorate.Life™ Kits steps outlined on the website.

Filling Stand – a filling stand which is the 3” diameter packaging tube of the kit (the filling stand / packaging shown is for the St. Patrick’s Day Colorate.Life™ Kits)

Coloring Gel Tubes – 0.67 oz tubes of coloring gel sourced from a variety of manufacturers.

Coloring Gel Spreaders – individually wrapped disposable wood sticks or reusable plastic sticks.

Closure Clips – pastry bag closure clips
(shown in the “open” and “closed” positions).