Archie Comics Joins BonNosh for a Colorate.Life Fundraising Program

Archie and BonNosh would like to help you support your school through a Colorate.Life Fundraising Program.

Simply stated – for every family fun DIY Colorate.Life kit you sell on behalf of your school, your school will receive Fifty percent (50%) of the purchase price!

The Colorate.Life line includes seasonal kits (similar to Easter egg dying kits and Halloween carving kits). In addition, the line includes:

(i) the Cheers Colorate.Life kit – a kit which permits you to create frosting with your school colors (currently, available colors are Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Orange & Neon Green – contact us to discuss other colors) ; and

(ii) the Limitless Imagination Colorate.Life kit – the “Best Value” kit – which can be used year-round since it contains all the colors you need to turn white frosting into ribbon designs for decorating cupcakes to celebrate holidays and exciting events that happen in your life throughout the year!

The label of each Colorate.Life kit includes a QR code. The QR codes for all of the kits can be found at www.Colorate.Life/QRCodes/. Click on the QR codes with your smartphone camera when you approach family, friends and colleagues about purchasing a Colorate.Life kit to support your school or charity. The videos will show them how each kit is used.

Act Now to Support your School or Charity!

• Print out the order form at www.Colorate.Life/  Fundraising.orderform/.
• Collect orders for Colorate.Life kits from your family, friends and colleagues.
• Complete the order form and email it to info@Colorate.Life.
• Act Fast – for a limited time, BonNosh is offering free shipment of your order!
• Questions? Call (239) 331-5300.