Colorate.Life™ Kit FAQ

Most important things to remember!!

  1. Cut the nozzle first – this avoids air pockets that later prevent the frosting from filling the OodleTip® pastry bag
  2. Cut the nozzle at approx. the 1/2” point (about half way up the nozzle)
  3. Pull the OodleTip® pastry bag down into the filling stand (the packaging tube) so that the tip of the nozzle almost reaches the end.
  4. When folding the ends of the OodleTip® pastry bag over the filling stand rim, pull so that the OodleTip® pastry bag wall on the inside is as flat as possible against the inside wall of the filling stand and the tip of the nozzle is still near the end of the filling stand.
  5. Spread the gel starting at just above the top of the nozzle in a “striping” motion up the side of the wall of the OodleTip® pastry bag
  6. The gel may seem to “congeal” – that is okay as long as you have striped the entire wall
  8. Use a spoon to “drop” the frosting into the OodleTip® pastry bag and not touch the sides
  9. Tap the filling stand on the counter as you fill the OodleTip® pastry bag with frosting to settle the frosting and remove air bubbles
  11. Dispense the frosting by first building a “dollop” underneath where you want the decorative ribbon (to use up the initial frosting that does not have the coloration)

How much color gel should I squeeze out of the 0.67 oz tube onto the gel spreader with each application?

  • Squeeze out approx. ¼ of an 0.67 oz tube onto the spreader with each application, i.e., a three-inch length of gel starting at the tip of the spreader (the photo shows a tube that has been used up applying gel to four spreaders).

I want my ribbon design to have more than four stripes. Is this possible?

  • Of course! The possibilities are endless!
  • Follow the same process for additional stripes, keeping in mind that what you are doing is spreading the color gel in a narrower surface area of the bag so be sure to leave room for all of your stripes.

How do I color my frosting if I don’t want white frosting?

  • We recommend using 1/6 of a color gel tube per 16 oz can of frosting to achieve a light color.
  • Squeeze the gel color into center of the can of frosting, stir it with a utensil (a spoon, knife, spatula, or gel spreader will work well) until evenly mixed into the frosting
  • Slowly add more color gel if a darker frosting color is desired. Stir again. Repeat until desired color is achieved.

How many cupcakes can I decorate with my ribbon design frosting?

  • The number of cupcakes will depend on the size of the nozzle opening and the amount of frosting you apply to each cupcake.
  • The frosting manufacturer says you can frost 24-30 cupcakes (Pillsbury®), 24-32 cupcakes (Betty Crocker®) or “up to 36” cupcakes (Duncan Hines®) with a 16 oz. container of frosting (we assume they mean spreading a thin layer on each).
  • We find that with a 16 oz can of frosting you will have enough ribbon design output to decorate 18-24 cupcakes as pictured in our various photos. This photo shows cupcakes to which varying amount of frosting have been applied.

How much ribbon design frosting can I make for a cake?

  • The amount will depend on the size of the nozzle opening and the method of decorating, i.e., a straight line of ribbon design goes further than an undulating or “wavy” output of ribbon design.
  • Typically, with a 16 oz can of frosting you can produce either approx. 48 inches in length of “wavy” output ribbon design frosting or approx. 96 inches in length of straight-line ribbon design frosting.

Will the color gel stain surfaces?

  • Color gel won’t stain skin if washed with soap water soon after
  • Color gel may temporarily discolor natural (unpolished) fingernails. You can wear gloves during application if you are concerned about this.
  • Try to avoid getting color gel on fabric and hard surfaces as it may stain. You can cover your set-up area if desired. We found that plastic wrap or paper towels are easiest to use. Disposable (or reusable) plates are also helpful.

How do I clean the filling tube stand?

You can wipe the filling tube stand clean with a dry paper towel or napkin. Try to avoid getting the stand wet as this may damage the cardboard.

What is the best frosting to use?

We’ve tried several commonly found frosting types and ranked them below:

  • 1st place – Sam’s Club But-R-Crème® white icing bulk container buttercream (highly recommended if decorating a large quantity of cupcakes or a large cake)
  • 2nd place – Pillsbury® White Frosting
  • 3rd place – Duncan Hines® Creamy Vanilla; Betty Crocker® Rich & Creamy Vanilla; Pillsbury® Creamy Supreme Vanilla
  • DO NOT USE – any brand of “whipped” frosting

I am baking for someone with food dye allergies. What are the ingredients in your color gel tubes?

  • Our gel color tubes are sourced from various food suppliers. If you have a concern, let us know the specific color(s) you are interested in and we will provide you with product ingredients/options.  Here is general nutrition and ingredient information for the line of Colorate.Life kits:

I have left over products from a kit. How do I store them?

  • You can store left over products from your kit in the packaging / filling stand tube.
  • To store unused color gel: twist the cap back on securely. This will prevent it from drying out. Store at room temperature in the filling stand tube. It does not need to be refrigerated

I have leftover color gel. When does it expire?

  • We cannot provide a precise expiration date for the color gel. It has a long shelf-life (over a year depending on the manufacture date). Please use your discretion.

Will other food color gels work with Colorate.Life kits?

  • We have tested various food color gels and do not recommend anything other than the color gel tubes we supply for use with the kit. Results will not be the same. The main issue is the consistency of the gel. It needs to have a “thickness” that many gels lack

Will other piping bags work with this kit besides the OodleTip® pastry bag?

  • No. The unique ribbon design can only be achieved with the OodleTip® pastry bag

What is the recommended age range for this kit?

  • This kit is fun for “kids” of all ages!
  • Adult supervision and assistance is recommended for children under age 10